MAR 2024 (2nd Meeting)bottle holders, one with its origina

This is our second March meeting, as there will not be a meeting in April. The last show went very well with all stalls booked and lots of visitors. Now we are looking forward to our next one in November. Tonight is our Connoisseurs £1 a ticket raffle. Bryan and Neil bought all the prizes from stallholders at the show.  

We had a lot of items on the finds table. First the Allen & Lloyd Aldershot soda syphon which David bought at the show.
Greg brought along the 6oz NEWMAN BASINGSTOKE Codd bottle.
Royston brought along the interesting selection of old bottle holders, one with its original bottle in. Embossed on side is GODFREY & COOKE. Picked up at a local car boot sale.
The large stoneware PIKE & ELLIMAN tobacco jar was bought at Cirencester show by Micky.
Greg also brought along this lovely old dark emerald green stoppered chemist bottle with pontil.
David bought the EDWIN LOE ALTON flagon when he went to Cirencester. His other 2 items were both bought at car boots - the ARP ashtray and the BLACK & WHITE Scotch Whisky ashtray.
The Cadburys jug was found by Mick in a charity shop.
Finally Graeme brought along the old whistle from Birmingham
syphon  tob  
 bz codd  pot  gp flagon
 ash  ashtray jug  wh 
The competition for a bottle with an animal on front.
First David with his Leicester mineral with horse on front
Second Greg with a Reading flagon with lion.
                                               CONNOISSEURS RAFFLE
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c6 c4 c5 c7   c3
The Connoisseurs Raffle
Horners Clotted Cream - Eric
BOP Seltzer - Royston
Henley GB - Anita
Warners - Neil
Prattware pot - Bryan
Portsmouth pot lid - David
Auld Lang Syne jug - Neil
Codd Opener - Bryan

Next Meeting May 8th

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Paper, Card or Tin

                ALTON BOTTLE SHOW SUNDAY 17th NOV


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