MAR 2019

First the sad news. We have lost one of our long time members - Gordon Wilkins. He passed away in January. I went digging with him a lot of  times back in the early days. He always wore a hairnet while digging for some reason and so earned the nickname 'Hairnet'. He stalled out at several bottle shows and was a regular at Alton, with his beloved wife Pat at his side. Our condolences go out to Pat.

Plans for the March 17th show were finalised. All fully booked.  Mick and Julian will be out at 6am putting out the directional signs. Members coming in early on Sunday to help set up tables etc. Just hoping weather will be dry and not windy.

On the finds table tonight a couple of ginger beers - BRUFORD CRANLEIGH and CASTLE BREWERY GUILDFORD. These were brought in by Bryan. He found them in a load of tatty bottles that someone wanted to get rid of. He took these and left the rest of the tat. Neils young son Corey found the TUNBRIDGE JONES READING ginger in an antique shop. Good to see the younger generation getting interested in the hobby. The 2 Doulton jugs were bought at a car boot by Graham for £9 the pair.

Mick showed this blue graduated bottle complete with rubber stopper. Do any of our readers know what it is.
Although not bottle connected, Graham bought in the Mills Bomb Hand Grenade number 5. This is from the 1st world war and has been converted into a money box.
These grenades were manufactured by the Mills Manufacturing Company in Birmingham. Apparently 75 million were produced during WW1.

Johnny brought in the 4 clear French bottles that he bought for £1. Think he was ripped off there!!
blue blue stopper grenade
french dresden jug lid
The next 3 items were brought in by Eric. The china 3 hole item with the upright handle has Dresden Rd 36731 on base, which puts it to around 1885. But what was it for - carrying 3 boiled eggs or ink bottles? Nobody had a clue, so if anyone knows would be glad to hear from you. He dug the jug, which looks Victorian plus the Atkinson's pot lid.  Micky's beer bottle BRANKSTON OLD BREWERY has a pictorial front comprising 3 barrels each marked Stout, Mild Beer and Pale Ale.
Neil'a son Corey also found this Codd in an antique shop. What can one say about it. Somebody has spent a lot of time colouring it and then going over the embossing in black. Makes it a bit of a one off.
John's pickle jar. Nice shiny condition and embossed BAIRDS PICKLE GLASGOW.
Finally here is a clipping from the Daily Telegraph about a man murdered for his 50p collection. Not the sort of news you would expect from the Telegraph, more usual on the pages of the Sun.

beer codd pickle

The evenings competition was for a Ginger Beer with coloured print.
1st Liz       2nd Mick      3rd John      4th Eric
comp1 comp2 comp 3 comp 4

Next meeting is on Weds 10th April.
Connoisseurs £1 a ticket raffle.
Competition is 2 Coloured pot lids

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